Enjoying your Easter treats

easter egg

Easter can be a time of year laced with excitement, indulgence and sometime’s guilt after receiving those delicious chocolate bunnies, eggs or my personal favourite, Malteasters.  And let’s be honest – who won’t be ripping into all their Easter goodies tomorrow, and probably a few days following?

But here are some things to keep in mind…

1. Don’t set rules for yourself

Possibly the most important yet difficult thing to do. However, if you do this you’re much more likely to overeat and psychology tells us that this will only make you feel guilty for “breaking a rule”. If my studies recently have taught me anything, it’s that you should only commit to doing things that are possible for YOU. Most “rules” people set for themselves tend to be unrealistic and in the end, unachievable.

2. Eat slowly and enjoy

A motto I have mentioned in a few of my other posts but it couldn’t be more true. If you chew and eat slowly, it gives your brain enough time to register that you’ve eaten something and you will feel fuller and more satisfied sooner, whilst still really enjoying what you’re eating.

3. Don’t eat out of boredom

This is all too easy to do when chocolate is involved but it is so important to eat only when you feel like it, that way you will enjoy it more and be more inclined so stop when you feel you’ve had enough, rather than mindlessly munching on one Easter egg after another. Many people are too strict with themselves but it’s okay, in fact I believe it’s essential to treat yourself to the foods you love, just make sure you are mindful of how much you’re eating.

And of you want to know more about this delicious treat, check out my previous post on all things Chocolate.


easter bunny


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