Food Revolution Day

May 16th may be just another day for most people, but to those keen foodies, cooks and health lovers, it is known as Food Revolution Day 2014.

So, what exactly is this?

Food Revolution Day is a campaign that has been led by the Jamie Oliver Foundation in the UK and USA, and The Good Foundation in Australia.  Basically, this is a way to get kids (an even adults) excited about fresh foods and cooking from scratch.  Decades ago, learning how to cook was an everyday part of life and almost every meal was freshly cooked.  Take-away what?  Now it’s all about time, and who has any?  Convenience foods have taken over and with less and less knowledge passed down through generations, cooking (and good health for that matter) will be a thing of the past, which is why Food Revolution Day is so important.

fresh veg

Worldwide there have been 74 countries that have taken part and over 900 ambassadors to promote this event.  It will be a day of cooking together and educating children all about food so that they have a positive association with it and provide them with life long skills to help them make better food choices and lead healthier lives.

Why is this day happening?

With food education being on the backburner in schools, knowledge is minimal and overweight and obesity is significantly on the rise.  This is a serious concern that if ignored will lead to a number of illnesses that can be prevented or reduced.  By equipping children with knowledge they will be able to make healthier food choices, improve their health, growth and development and love the food they cook. Currently, 20% of kids in Australia think that pasta comes from animals.  If this isn’t cause for concern, then I don’t know what is.  Knowledge is power, so if we can get kids today taking an interest in and learning about where ingredients and foods come from and how to prepare them, it could make a huge positive impact on health in the future, worldwide.

tomato chopping

So get involved, get cooking and have fun!

If you want to find out more, or get involved then check out the Food Revolution Day and Jamie Oliver’s website


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