Cooking with Quinoa

Yesterday, myself and a couple of friends decided we’d try out recipes from an article I’d seen, ‘Every Quinoa Recipe You Could Possibly Want’.  I love Quinoa and the health benefits it has, not to mention it’s delicious!  It’s also perfect if you’re intolerant to gluten with a simple substitution of gluten-free breadcrumbs .

So here are the two recipes we tried (both of which were AMAZING!), and the modifications and recommendations I’d advise having now made these.


Quinoa Crusted Baked Three-cheese Zucchini Eggplant Parmesan

Crumbed Zucchini and Eggplant


salsa and ricotta

Tomato Salsa and Ricotta Mixture


Modifications & Recommendations

  • We couldn’t find Fontina cheese, so substituted for Gruyere
  • Addition of some mozzarella in the middle layer, as well as on top
  • I would add another egg to the ricotta mixture, or even some milk to loosen it, as it was quite thick and difficult to spread
  • As the eggplants are very large they took up a lot of surface area in the dish, so we filled in the gaps with the smaller pieces of zucchini
  • It was a little dry, so I’d use lots of sauce
  • We used extra eggplant and zucchini than stated in the recipe, so I’d either use a larger dish, or make it in two smaller ones – you could then freeze one and you’ve got a mid-week dinner sorted
  • The recipe is served with pasta; however this is a big enough meal in itself and very filling, so I don’t think this is necessary.

Sweet Potato Quinoa Cakes with Blackberry Salsa


Sweet potato cakes coated in breadcrumbs and quinoa

making cakes

photo 5photo 3

Modifications & Recommendations

  • Firstly, we didn’t make the blackberry salsa, as we forgot to buy blackberries! So we improvised and made a tomato salsa with red onion, basil and some apple cider vinegar
  • Instead of the potatoes, onions etc. we just steamed the potato in the microwave and added finely diced raw red onion (we may not have read the recipe too well!)
  • We couldn’t find fresh coriander so used dry instead
  • After making the zucchini and eggplant bake, we had excess breadcrumb/quinoa mixture left that we didn’t want to waste, coated the patties in it before cooking, which added a delicious, nutty crunch (you could substitute gluten-free breadcrumbs or leave this coating off entirely for a gluten-free option)
  • The recipe says that it makes four, but we used a small ice cream scoop (for consistency in size) and were able to get about 16 perfect sized patties from the mixture.

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