Nutrition and Foodie Apps

By now almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet (even my dad just upgraded to his first ever smartphone!), and whilst the first apps to be downloaded are usually Crush, Snapchat, Instagram and many more, I opt for the food and health ones, and my phone has a dedicated ‘Food and Nutrition’ folder.

Whether you’re interested in nutrition, health or just food and cooking in general, here are a few apps that I like to refer to.  And the best part – they’re all FREE!


  • FOOD SWITCH (iPhone and Android)appDeveloped by Bupa and The George Institute for Global Health, this app does exactly what the name suggests.  It offers healthier options for food and beverages.  There are also SaltSwitch and GlutenSwitch options for people those who are reducing salt and/or have high blood pressure, and for those with a gluten intolerance/coeliac disease.You can select which setting depending on the “switch” you are trying to make, and simply locate barcode on the item, scan it and a result will be given.It also gives you the traffic light rating of each nutrient of the selected product and its alternatives.  (For more info on the Traffic Light System, you can read my post on it here).app5
  • BETTER HEALTH CHANNEL (iPhone and Android)app1
    A Victorian Government based heatlh and medical information website, this easy to use app gives you all the information you could want on Health Conditions, Healthy Living, Relationships & Family, Treatments & First Aid, Healthy Recipes and Help & Advice.
    All information is “clinically quality assured by over 200 content partners and Department of Health (Victoria) subject matter experts”, so you can be sure that all information is trustowrthy and accurate.

    This app is a MUST-HAVE!
  • EASY DIET DIARY (iPhone only)app2
    If you’re trying to aid weight loss, this is a great app to have as you can track your energy, weight, foods and exercises.  This app contains over 30,000 foods in its Australian database and also allows you to create your own foods and recipes if what you’re looking for isn’t listed.If you’re at the supermarket you can scan the barcodes of certain foods to give you a nutritional reading.  Every food will provide you with the carbohydrate, sugar, fat, saturated fat, protein and sodium, as well as overall kilojoules (or calories).
    * This app can also be accessed via the internet if you don’t have an iPhone *
  • CALORIE KING (iPhone only)app8Similar to Easy Diet Diary, Calore King can also be used online and is an Australian based app and is predominantly used for determining nutrition information on various brands and fast foods.Foods can be searched by category, brand or fast food chain, where you can then adjust the quantity to provide you with the overall nutritional content.
    Another bonus of both Calorie King and Easy Diet Diary is that they are extremely beneficial for those with diabetes, particularly Type 1, as it makes carb counting MUCH easier, so insulin can be appropriately given for the amount of carbohydrates consumed.app9
  • KITCHEN STORIES (iPhone only, potential development for Android)app3This has been a recent discovery for me – a perfect app for anyone who is a visual learner and loves to cook, Kitchen Stories provides you with videos of over 100 recipes, and releases new recipes weekly.  This German based app not only provides you with cooking videos from top chefs, but also loads of handy tips and tricks for the kitchen.   You can also share your own recipes and compile your shopping list from the recipes available.app4Another section of the app that I particularly like is the ‘Essentials’ section – showing you everything from pantry and fridge essential ingredients and utensils.  You can also check out my previous posts – Kitchen Essentials and Baking Essentials for my key items that any home cook and baker should have when cooking and baking.
  • PINTEREST (iPhone and Android)app6Not necessarily a food or health app, but Pinterest is a favourite of mine for getting new ideas, (mostly) food stuff including cake decorating ideas, food presentation/packaging, healthy snacks, cooking guidelines/temperatures/conversions etc. and so much more.  You can check out my Pinterest page for lots of these ideas, and a neat folder of all recipes and posts from my blog.

 What are YOUR favourite food and/or nutrition apps?  
Leave a comment in the section below

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