Hi, and welcome to my blog!

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I’m Joanne Leeson, a Melbourne-based, food-loving student Dietitian. I’ve recently completed my Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition, and have officially completed two-thirds of my studies in Dietetics.  I am passionate about health and food, and believe you don’t have to compromise on taste when it comes to preparing nutritious meals.  There are an abundance of delicious ingredients out there that can be used in cooking whilst also contributing to good health and I hope to show you these so that they can find a place in your kitchens and provide you with some delicious meals.

I am also an avid foodie (I think my extensive cookbook collection says it’s all!) and love to experiment with cooking and baking to find healthier versions of dishes that can become part of your everyday foods.  From a very young age I have also loved traditional baking, a passion I still have today.  I hope to show you a wide variety of foods that you can make (healthy and also indulgent!) as well as inform you about my views on various ingredients that I like to use in cooking and baking.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!

These photos show you a bit about me, my life and my obsession with good food!!!

21st cakegrad brunchcakeme and julia

brunch2 burgersme and chris cake2Cgosms_2013-12-0610-33-27 cannelonime jacs shelly cookies and muesli macarons me and george pitta pizza quinoa rolls tea and cupcake





All posts are my own opinion as a nutrition graduate, and should not be taken over advice from an Accredited Practicing Dietitian or Accredited Nutritionist.


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